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Category: Malta Diaries

Big Bough’s drive from the UK to Gozo

"The last time we drove through Europe we took the scenic route, but as this time we have our dogs with us we have taken the toll roads for speed. Today the toll charges came to €41.30. Bit pricey, but what you lose in cost you do make up in time." Carol, Barry and the dogs set off from Hertfordshire on the first half of their journey to Gozo.

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Stroppy Knickers’ Progress: Part Two

"It's here! It's here! It's in Maltese waters, anyway! Our container ship has been sat sitting outside the harbour since Saturday, waiting for a berth. It's got my kitchen and knickers on it.. and it's there, right bloody there! And I can't have it!" In Part Two of her journal, Stroppy Knickers' possessions are tantalisingly close to catching up with her...

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Stroppy Knickers’ Progress: Part One

"We spent the rest of the evening discussing how best to drop the absent plumber in boiling oil, and cheerfully blew up the airbeds in preparation for a very long night trying to pee quietly in a bucket and periodically whispering obscenities in the general direction of anyone unfortunate enough to be a bloody plumber." Part One of Stroppy Knickers' journal of her move to Malta.

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