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Having a Baby in Tenerife

The last thing I expected of my time in Tenerife was to fall pregnant. My partner Nino and I were only intending to stay on the island for six months or so, principally so we could spend some time with my parents. We were living in Thailand and, much as we loved it, we both […]

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Buying property in Spain – the pitfalls!

Spain has had a special place in the hearts of the British holidaymaker ever since the 1960s, when we stopped going to Bournemouth and gave Benidorm a try instead. Unsurprisingly, many of us now look to Iberia when we dream about buying a holiday home, or a property in which to retire. In fact parts […]

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Lesson Ten: May and Daisy, Sam and Ella

"Ees very recommendable, Meester Crème. Itch jeer eez deeferent and Chechu organize the treep and orll the restaurants he advance book. Orll hchees friend beeg chiefs, beeg discunt, and dilishoos tapas.' Graeme goes on the Seex Penis restaurant expedition - with disastrous results...

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Fiesta fireworks!

"The highlight of the week is the closing event, where the Mayor dons a wooden bull which is stuffed with fireworks. The task for the unfortunate mayor is to run, with the bull, towards the town hall and beat the string of firecrackers to the building." Bob Fretwell takes a bemused but affectionate look at a typical Spanish fiesta.

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Lesson Nine: The bonk on the bitch

"'Aksprosimately seex days, Meester Crème...ees for in-ars training. De bonk send eets members to the bitch for some good lessons.' Well, lucky members, thought I. Now that's what I call a bank that cares." Dr Graeme Porte is invited to take his English teaching skills to the bank's symposium at the seaside.

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