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Category: Events

Nowruz: Persian New Year

Nowruz marks the beginning of the Persian New Year and is Iran's National Day, as well as being celebrated widely throughout Central and NW Asia.

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Flag of Tunisia

Tunisia: Independence Day

Tunisia obtained its independence from France on 20 March 1956.

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Flag of Ireland's Four Provinces

St Patrick’s Day

17 March is St Patrick's Day - a public holiday across the island of Ireland and anywhere the Irish have managed to reach around the world, which is most places!

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Flag of Mauritius

Mauritius: National Day

Mauritius became independent on 12 March 1968 and adopted a parliamentary republican constitution exactly 24 years later.

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Want to make your future vote count a bit more? Then vote now!

Britain goes to the polls on 5 May 2011 to decide whether to embrace a more representative voting system. You can take part - if you register in time.

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