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How European migration is starting to recede

"The scale of migration [since EU expansion in 2004] has cheered those eager to promote mobility within the EU and distressed those who fear the economic and social effects of uncontrolled immigration. Yet both cheerleaders and detractors of Europe's newfound mobility are getting worked up by a temporary phenomenon." Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah explains why the UK has nothing to fear from the legendary Polish plumber.

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Strong pound and booming house prices help Brits move abroad

Research by the UK's Institute for Public Policy Research shows that a strong pound and booming house prices are helping Brits live their dream of moving overseas - and that most of us don't leave because the country's gone to the dogs.

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Cover of the M6 Sights Guide by Mike Jackson

Mad about motorways!

"Ever been driving along a motorway, seen a building, and wondered what it was? Wonder no more. Mike Jackson and his small team have trawled the lengths of three of Britain's longest motorways to find out for you!" Dave reviews Mike Jackson's innovative and lively Motorway Sights Guides.

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How not to lose weight

"Since I returned from Abu Dhabi, only slightly trimmer and more toned, I have managed to put on around six kilos in weight. Not surprising. I eat more in the winter and exercise less than I did in AD. But despite a campaign of regular exercise combined with sensible eating and drinking for a whole year, I have not lost even a pound and my waist is as wide as ever." Miranda Irving thinks life just ain't fair sometimes...

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“Neither a borrower nor a lender…”

"I think many of us are blinded by the prospect of getting something without actually having to pay for it up front. Of course, there's nothing wrong with making the odd large purchase in this way. But the problem comes when people start to rely on credit too much." Miranda Irving muses on the consumer credit boom - and growing indebtedness - in Britain.

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