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Category: Food & Drink

Culinary infidelity with a Japanese Chef

"I first spotted the Japanese Chef in Allders. There it was hanging up beside all the other Cooks & Co knives, its gleaming broad eight-inch blade inviting me to take a closer look. Who could resist?" Kay succumbs to temptation from a good-looking bit of rough!

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Fit aboot a stoved tattie?

Mike Clark's recipe for stovies - the Scottish comfort food par excellence!

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A jar of Colman's Mustard

Colman’s Mustard

"If the strength of a country were judged on its mustard, we in the UK would be International Supermen (and women)." Robin Lawrie sings the praises of a great British favourite - Colman's Mustard.

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Suet and suet-free dumplings

"It's mid afternoon and the sky is dark grey. The rain hasn't let up, and it's cold as well as miserable. Fancy a salad, anyone? No way! Let's have some good old British stodge. These dumplings are cheap, quick and easy to make, and add a nice touch to any casserole." Kay shows how to make dumplings - even if you can't get hold of suet where you are.

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Haggis recipe

"Have a haggis bag (ie a sheep's paunch) perfectly clean, and see that there be no thin part to it, else your whole labour will be lost due to its bursting." Meg Dod's prize-winning haggis recipe - strong (sheep's) stomachs required!

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