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Category: Clark in the Park

Currant Affairs

Contrary to the myth promulgated by our southern gardening friends, who seem to dominate both TV and the gardening magazines, it is not too late to take hardwood cuttings. Indeed, I have been successful until at least the end of April, and I’d even go right out on a limb and say it’s worth trying […]

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Holly comes out at Christmas!

The problem we have determining the sexes of our hollies goes way beyond the genus Ilex. (cf Holly Aird; Holly Johnson.) I can legitimately use sex as an introduction to the holly. If you think it’s just a headline-grabber, read on and I will justify. So many people come to me with the question, “Why […]

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Not always what they’re cracked up to be – Part Two

The plants therein Mother Earth is a great insulator against frost. That’s why we have herbaceous perennials which die down at the end of the season, then burst forth again in spring. Though the topgrowth cannot withstand winter temperatures, the roots are well below ground and out of harm’s way. Not so with plants in […]

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Not always what they’re cracked up to be – Part One

This is when the cracks start to appear. Well, perhaps not with the very first frosts, but as winter progresses, and the frosts become harder and more prolonged, your outdoor pots and containers will begin to feel the strain. In this piece, I want to deal with two aspects of the effects of winter on […]

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One day, I will be the organ grinder – Part Two

"the Organic Gardening Catalogue offers a mouth-watering range of organic seed. Within this stock list lurk many old and almost forgotten varieties of vegetables, with their traditional disease resistance and flavour. Yes, all those good, tasty veggies your granny used to grow, but which are out of favour today because they are not uniform and pleasing to the undiscerning eye, and do not conform to the rigid standards of the supermarkets." Mike Clark makes a persuasive case for organic gardening.

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