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Category: Clark in the Park

The versatile Björk

"Needless to say, like all Scotland's native trees, birch in the wild has declined markedly over the last two centuries. Considered a "weed" among trees by commercial foresters, birch woodland has been felled and cleared to make way for coniferous timber crops. Yet it is still one our most abundant trees, relatively speaking. " Mike waxes rhapsodic about a tree you can drink. Tree-hugging? More like tree-glugging!

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It’s Latin, but it’s all Greek to me

"For some reason, many gardeners, whether novice or old hands, have a mental block when it comes to botanical (or Latin) names. Let me try to remove the mystery." All those Latin names for plants explained at last!

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Take me home, country rhodies

"I know rhododendrons are only the tip of the iceberg at Inverewe. But I have seen some wonderful gardens in my time - and if anything out there compares with Inverewe at rhododendron time, I have yet to find it." Would you believe that Britain's best rhododendron garden is to be found further north than Inverness?

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Robert Burns Night – DIY

"You will require four basic ingredients, all of which need some careful advance planning. But all four can be home produced. Which, you must admit, adds a certain something to the occasion." In celebration of British Expat's first birthday, Mike tells you how to grow your own haggis!

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Pareto on pruning

"I have a pet - and probably very cynical - theory, that on the basis that big books sell for more money than little books, gardening writers conspire to perpetuate the myth that pruning is complicated. And write big expensive books on the subject." Mike exposes the conspiracy that's been keeping gardening authors in royalties for years...

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