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Five pub quiz questions 4 – Quick Quiz

It's time for another pub trivia round. No common theme, just a miscellany. Have fun!

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A firework exploding

Happy New Year!

Kay and Dave wish all our British Expat readers a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020!

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Flag of Slovakia

Five questions about Slovakia – Quick Quiz

To your average Briton, Slovakia is one of Europe's less well-known countries. Why not do something to change that sad state of affairs with our Quick Quiz?

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Five pub quiz questions 3 – Quick Quiz

It's time for another pub quiz. No particular theme to these, just a random selection of questions. Have fun!

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Five alliterative questions – Quick Quiz

Here are five questions with a common theme - the key word in all of them begins "b*mb". Why not bimble through them and see how many you can get right?

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