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Category: Australia

Seen in my garden

We are so lucky here in New South Wales, as we get a wide selection of the most beautiful birds on earth. I’ve always fed them, even though it cost me a fortune in parrot seed and honey, and ground mince for the meat eaters etc. But since I moved I stopped it and planted […]

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Moving to Australia

Thinking of moving to Australia? Wondering what it’s really like to live there? Here’s the gen from our local expert. Sydney Sue, who has lived in Australia for over 25 years, writes: Here’s a few things that come to mind about general life in Aus. First you will have to get used to seeing a […]

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Sydney Morris Men

So what do you know about Morris Men? “They strike up the Devil’s dance withall: then martch this heathen company…their pypers pyping… their belles jyngling, their handkercheefes fluttering…like madde men…” (Philip Stubbes, 1583) Australia has a rich tapestry of folk history (mostly based on English, Scots and Irish tradition), and has many capable musicians and […]

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Flag of Western Australia

Buying or starting a business in Western Australia

Moving to a new country is a very stressful time for most of us and the older one is, the more side-effects! That and buying a business doubles the strain, so if you are in the process, or considering it, watch your health, eat wisely and take plenty of vitamins. Swim in the sea and […]

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