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Category: Lifestyle

The joys of compound living

Why the Ed likes living on a compound

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First things first – your big move overseas

How to cope with a life-changing move of going overseas.

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Six predictions for 2006 – and how they affect you

The wisest people usually don’t make predictions – probably because they know that trying to figure out what’s going to happen in the future is a fool’s game. In a year’s time, people will be delighted to inform you how wrong your predictions were. But… there are some trends in what I call the “living […]

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Life For a Life forest in the Chew Valley in Somerset

Life For a Life

"One of the sad facts of life is that one day you will not be around. Unless you have it written into your will, the likelihood is that your mortal remains will stay in the country of your demise. Suppose you could find a wonderful way of returning the ashes of a loved one to the UK for interment and at the same time contribute to the environment and local charities?" Peter Forrester of UK charity Life For a Life explains how you can have a living memorial at "home".

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Introducing the MOVE System for Living Abroad

Let me tell you one thing I believe: we’re living at a time of unprecedented opportunity. Never before has it been more possible to start a new life in another country. If you read my predictions for 2006, you’ll remember that I said there would be a bonanza of jobs and opportunities – for people […]

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