KashFlow – Accounting Software Made Easy

[Editor’s note: The text for this promotion was kindly provided by KashFlow staff. I also took them up on their offer of a free trial of KashFlow and am pleased to recommend it to owners of small businesses wherever you are.]

Welcome to KashFlow – the easiest way to manage your day to day bookkeeping needs.

Its incredibly easy-to-use interface means that you will be up and running in no time, without having to go on training courses or read a thick accounting software manual.

Find out yourself how useful KashFlow can be to your business by taking up our offer of a 60-day free trial. We don’t ask for any payment details and you are under no obligation to purchase the software after your trial.

Accounting Software Designed for You

KashFlow isn’t designed to be used by accountants. From the outset, our accounting software was designed specifically for the busy owners of small businesses – wherever in the world they are.

If you can use and understand a product like Sage accounting software, then by all means do. However, if you want something that lets you get to work quickly and easily then KashFlow is for you.

But don’t worry, your accountant will still be happy. Your data from KashFlow can be easily exported into Sage.

Free Support and Free Upgrades

Unlike most other accounting software, we include free support and upgrades for the entire time you are using the software.

Support is totally integrated into the software and is also free to customers that are taking advantage of our offer of a free trial.

We’re constantly upgrading and improving the software based on feedback from our customers. So if you’ve got a suggestion, let us know.

Some features of KashFlow

  • Set up the system so that invoices are created automatically at preset intervals
  • View easy-to-understand graphical reports about the money that flows in and out of your business
  • Create professional invoices, customised with your company details
  • Receive email alerts whenever an unpaid invoice reaches its due date
  • Calculate VAT quickly and easily
  • Keep detailed information about all of your customers and suppliers
  • Export information for your accountant
  • Access your accounts from anywhere that has an Internet connection – whether from a Mac or PC, from your home or office
  • Log all purchases made and how and when you paid for them
  • Reconcile your bank statements
  • Record payments received

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