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Retiring to Montenegro – Part Four

Closing Thoughts There are two more matters that I missed during my reconnaissance in 2004: animal welfare and litter. With regard to animals, my wife put out the word that she would fund the castration of two pets per month. In two years her offer has only been taken up for two animals, whilst there […]

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Retiring to Montenegro – Part Three

A Place Of Our Own Our situation as tenants made it imperative to acquire or own accommodation. Finished houses were out of the question, because every single one shown to us by the agents needed Semtex renovation; besides, few Montenegrin houses are finished with all of the construction work completed. Eventually, we found a plot […]

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Retiring to Montenegro – Part Two

Early Experiences I have lived in Montenegro now for just over two years and there have been discrepancies between the findings from the reconnaissance and my actual experiences as an expat retiree, as follows: It is extremely difficult to obtain the status of a temporary Montenegrin resident and we expats drive across the Croatian border […]

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Retiring to Montenegro – Part One

The Recce In 1999, my wife and I retired from careers as professional pilots. Shortly afterwards, my mother-in-law (who had lived with us) died suddenly and we were rattling around in our big house in Mid-Wales like peas in a pod. The fact that we are childless facilitated our decision to become expats. Hence we […]

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A guide to Romania: Living in Romania

Where should you live in Romania? You probably have to travel and decide for yourself, but here is my take. Bucharest itself is quite frankly an ugly city; a mix of Istanbul, wannabe Paris, and Soviet Realism. Winters can be grim and the summers will be hot. It is home to more than two million […]

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