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Transport Canada's winter tyre symbol - a pictograph of a snowflake superimposed on a mountain

Winter in Canada

"As I write today, the temperature is a frigid -31° and snowy, so I feel particularly well qualified to share my thoughts with you about Canada's winter experience..." Thelma's advice about how to make the most of the Canadian Winter.

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Playing the waiting game wisely!

"You've applied for your Permanent Resident (PR) visa and know it could take up to two years to receive it. You've been waiting what seems like an eternity and you don't feel like waiting any longer. So you've decided to throw caution to the wind and leave early to start your new life in Canada." Thelma advises you to think again, and suggests ways to use the wait profitably.

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Know your service providers

"If you've just started your research for a move to Canada, you will have seen many adverts, both on the net and in print, for a myriad of service providers who can assist you with your move - but are you really clear about who does what and which service is the right one for you and your budget?" Thelma guides us through the labyrinth of seeking professional immigration advice.

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Flag of Canada (250x125px)

Emigrate 2004, Sandown Racecourse: a review

"...The seminar that we were booked into - 'Surviving the Emigration experience' - was somewhat interesting, as apparently it was given by two people who didn't survive it, and have now returned to the UK. Also they did not go to Canada as we had been told, but to Australia, so not a lot of help there!" Richard gives us a review of the Emigrate 2004 event held at Sandown.

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Alone in Canada

"In Canada, you have to start all over again, build a new life, make new friends and find your place in a new community. This is a challenge all newcomers face, but if you come here alone - with no close family or friends to help and support you - then this challenge may seem even more daunting for you." Thelma O'Connor gives ten top tips on how to meet the challenge!

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