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Help Me Help My Child (May 2006)

Past cases: May 2006 Here are the cases dealt with on Ruth’s page for May 2006. My daughter, Sophie, finds it really difficult to make decisions. She dithers about everything – what to wear, what present to give, what sweets to choose etc. It’s driving us all up the wall. She’s only nine, I can […]

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British Expat Newsletter:
21 September 2005

This week: Marital and family status - surveys reveal that singles without kids are the biggest group living in poverty in Britain today.

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Super Smurfs!

"If you were a child living in the UK in the late 1970s/early 1980s, then you will more than likely remember the National Garages and the role they played in introducing us to the Smurfs. Smurfs were given away by these garages as part of a petrol promotion and many children enjoyed collecting these little blue figures..." Karen Johnson recalls some childhood friends.

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Expat kids – going out into the cold

"Families often find that time quickly runs out right before the big moving day. With the immediate needs for boxes to be packed, and good-byes to be made, there is little time left to search for adequate ways to prepare the children. The young ones often find themselves in a transitional whirlwind that can leave them confused and frustrated with the uncertainties ahead." Hilly van Swol-Ubrich advises on how to prepare kids for the upheaval of a move abroad.

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