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Expat Profile: Navjot Singh

“For me it was meant to be just a short holiday. It never really occurred to me that I would be coming back to China on a long-term basis until I was exposed to the country’s fast-paced economic growth and immense beauty.” Travel guide author Navjot Singh describes his own route towards becoming an expat – and falling in love with China.

China! – an introduction (3)

“It’s all up to personal choiceI mean, I have eaten street food without any problems and I loved it, but then I would not dare not touch some “hard core” street meat such as chicken feet or scorpions etc. (enough said!). However, someone else may have no problems even with that!” Navjot Singh concludes his overview of China with a look at food and leisure.

China! – an introduction (2)

“Over 1,300 Boeing or Airbus planes proudly grace the Chinese skies; there are so many cars on the streets that traffic jams are becoming the norm in most cities and most middle-class youngsters are donning the latest designer wear (FCUK, Gucci, Armani etc.)!” Navjot describes the blistering pace of modern China’s economic growth.

China! – an introduction (1)

“People always ask me the obvious question, ‘What’s it really like living in China?’ – and it’s quite fun to listen to the stereotypes that many people have in their minds.” British expat and old China hand Navjot Singh explains why China is no longer Mao suits and bicycles.