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Culinary infidelity with a Japanese Chef

“I first spotted the Japanese Chef in Allders. There it was hanging up beside all the other Cooks & Co knives, its gleaming broad eight-inch blade inviting me to take a closer look. Who could resist?” Kay succumbs to temptation from a good-looking bit of rough!

Thai curry pastes (Part Two)

“We looked at commercially made Thai curry pastes last time. Now it’s time for the DIY version. As well as all the special ingredients (see our earlier article), you’ll need a mortar and pestle, or you can cheat by using a food processor and a hand blender…” Kay gets cooking on the pastes for two of the most popular varieties of Thai curry – green curry and red curry.

Thai curry pastes (Part One)

“So what are curry pastes? They’re the foundation for flavouring Thai curries. Now, don’t start thinking along the lines of bad ‘Indian’ curries where you add a teaspoon of ‘Madras’ powder and hey presto – you’ve got a Madras curry…” Kay investigates the basis of all those beautifully fragrant Thai curries – the paste.

Carry on cooking

“The following week when apparently I had consumed two tons (sic) of tuna, I just let it go. No doubt there would be a logical explanation. However, when I saw that I had paid 5 dinar for one wenker (again sic), I had to question it.” Phil finds that it’s not always easy to understand what your domestic staff are up to.