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Where’s my vote?

The 2010 general election highlighted several problems in the logistics of UK elections – including where expat voting is concerned. What can be done about it?

Flag of the Dominican Republic

Can I count your vote? – Dunno, can you…?

“Photos of the worthy aspirants were included because not everyone can read. Even then not all could see: one elderly lady held her voting paper up close to her eyes and remonstrated with her daughter, ‘Hey! You didn’t tell me I voted for Baldy.'” Ginnie Bedggood looks at the often chaotic count in the 2006 Dominican Republic elections.

Flag of the Dominican Republic

Glitz, bling and merengue

“Candidates do not canvass door to door here. Instead they have ‘caravans’ – motorcades with the candidate sitting on the roof of an SUV via the sun roof, surrounded by supporters in a procession of vehicles. Plus the ubiquitous mobile ghetto-blaster, of course.” Ginnie Bedggood takes a wry look at election campaigning DR style!