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First things first – your big move overseas

How to cope with a life-changing move of going overseas.

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British Expat Newsletter:
3 December 2008

This week: Comings and goings - some of the factors influencing potential and actual British expats' decisions on whether to live in the UK or overseas.

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Strong pound and booming house prices help Brits move abroad

Research by the UK's Institute for Public Policy Research shows that a strong pound and booming house prices are helping Brits live their dream of moving overseas - and that most of us don't leave because the country's gone to the dogs.

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Emigrate 2004, Sandown Racecourse: a review

"...The seminar that we were booked into - 'Surviving the Emigration experience' - was somewhat interesting, as apparently it was given by two people who didn't survive it, and have now returned to the UK. Also they did not go to Canada as we had been told, but to Australia, so not a lot of help there!" Richard gives us a review of the Emigrate 2004 event held at Sandown.

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