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Tug of love - a child frowns while holding card cut-outs of a man and a woman


"Britain is considering a divorce from Europe. Who ends up with custody is down to us on 23 June." A sideways look at the Brexit debate from the team at expatpost.

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How European migration is starting to recede

"The scale of migration [since EU expansion in 2004] has cheered those eager to promote mobility within the EU and distressed those who fear the economic and social effects of uncontrolled immigration. Yet both cheerleaders and detractors of Europe's newfound mobility are getting worked up by a temporary phenomenon." Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah explains why the UK has nothing to fear from the legendary Polish plumber.

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British Expat Newsletter:
24 March 2004

This week: Clarkie digs for victory - the problems of getting definitive information on EU Plant Passports.

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