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Genealogy has become a very popular hobby. People like to find out who they are and where they came from. Researching family histories isn't simply about collecting names and dates. It can unearth all sorts of interesting facts about migration and other social history.

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The 1901 census

"The complete 1901 census for England and Wales published on the Internet on 2 January has to be one of the most ambitious projects of its kind undertaken by the Public Records Office [PRO]." David Stockton writes about the 1901 Census and its publication on the World Wide Web.

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Tracing family and friends in Britain

You’ve lost the phone number of your best mate from college, you can’t remember your cousin’s address and you are not sure whether Great-Aunt Margaret is still living. What can you do, short of hiring a private detective? How can information be obtained when you are oceans away from those long lost special people? Telephone […]

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