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British Expat Newsletter:
24 March 2004

This week: Clarkie digs for victory - the problems of getting definitive information on EU Plant Passports.

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Plant Passports – Part Two

(continued from Part One) HM Customs & Excise are equally unhelpful. Their website reminds us that non-food plants are subject to VAT, so if you have the temerity to bring a wee cutting of the Bird of Paradise back to the UK after your brief sojourn in Spain you must declare it and pay the […]

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Plant Passports – Part One

This is probably the most unhelpful piece I’ve ever written for this column. And as an opening statement, I’ve just broken Rule No 1 for wannabe journos everywhere. I feel justified, though. The story starts on the British Expat Forum, in the humble but evergreen Clark in the Park board. Several queries have cropped up […]

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