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How to please your man in bed

"In my parents' day the solution to this often intractable problem was easy; if your man was in bed, you brought him a cup of tea. Result, one very pleased man." Tim Sharp discusses the often thorny issue of sex and communication.

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Lesson Number One

'"Joo mus hilp me," Manolo threatened. "Ah haf ingleesh ixam for entering Deeplomatic sirvis in Joon. Ah mus pars." His accent was as engaging as the content bewildering.' Dr Graeme Porte takes on his first English language student—and opens the door to a world of confusion…

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Robert Burns Night – DIY

"You will require four basic ingredients, all of which need some careful advance planning. But all four can be home produced. Which, you must admit, adds a certain something to the occasion." In celebration of British Expat's first birthday, Mike tells you how to grow your own haggis!

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"3:40am Monday morning partner and I both woke up; nightmares. By 3:43am you could find us, unnerved, pale and scared, sitting on the kitchen worktop drinking tea. The atmosphere was not helped by the screaming of partner's cats out in the yard." Tim Sharp looks at nightmares and their causes.

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Flag of the United States of America

US election results – the British solution

A satirical poke at the inconclusive result of the 2000 US Presidential election.

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