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A Brit abroad needs insurance too – Part One

"The problem with getting health insurance is that you never know what to get. Do I get a local plan or an international plan? What does my plan cover? What else should I think about adding into my policy? How can I keep the costs of my policy low?" In Part One of his two-part article, Jenkin Au of Global Health Insurance looks at health insurance - the benefits of an international plan over a local one, and what the typical plan can cover.

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A Brit abroad needs insurance too – Part Two

"Because insurance is defined as the equitable exchange of risk for a payment, the insurance companies are undertaking some risk in exchange for your payment. When calculating the premium, it’s quite a different formula for an international plan and a local plan." Jenkin Au concludes his look at health insurance with an examination of how you can keep the costs down and still maintain high coverage.

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National Insurance contributions for British expats: the facts

Ross Naylor spells out the facts about National Insurance Contributions for British expats who are concerned about qualifying for a State Pension.

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Peace of mind when travelling – with World Nomads

Planning to travel away from your country of residence? Save 50% on Travel Insurance underwritten by Allianz. World Nomads offers low cost travel insurance in over 150 countries. Buy, extend and claim online!

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