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Buying a franchise: Part Three

So you’ve decided that buying a franchise is the right business investment route for you. How do you go about choosing a franchise you’ll be happy with? Philip Wylie advises how to separate the corn from the chaff.

Buying a franchise: Part Two

Like all business investments, buying a franchise has its good points and its drawbacks. Philip Wylie explains the advantages and disadvantages and how to decide whether the franchise model is for you.

Buying a franchise: Part One

Want to go into business, but worried about branching out on your own? If you’ve got the extra money to invest, buying a franchise could offer you the safer route into business you’re looking for, as Philip Wylie explains.

Finding property on the Internet

“Today almost everyone looks for property and homes on the Internet. Estate agents and developers know this, so that means that a lot of information is available. As a result, it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for among all the ads, pop-up windows and millions of search results. The other pitfall is gauging the reliability of information you find on the web.” Russ Martin has some sound advice for would-be housebuyers.