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Delaney’s – Kuala Lumpur

"OK, so to a certain extent Delaney's is a typical Oirish pub. But it's a pretty good bar in its own right, with very friendly and helpful staff who are happy to engage in a bit of banter with the customers." Kay and Dave sink a few pints, and scoff a couple of decent pub meals, at Delaney's in the Federal Hotel, Bukit Bintang.

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Hotel Crowne Plaza Mutiara in Kuala Lumpur

Planter’s Inn – Kuala Lumpur

"We often go for a hotel buffet if we're hungry and can't decide what we fancy to eat; at least that way we stand a fair chance of getting something we like, and neither of us is constrained by the other's preferences." Kay and Dave go for the easy option in the Planter's Inn at Kuala Lumpur's Hotel Crowne Plaza Mutiara.

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The Ship Restaurant in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

The Ship Restaurant – Kuala Lumpur

"Actually, we hadn't set out intending to go to the Ship at all. But as we were passing, a waitress invited us to look at the menu - and we were happy enough to do that, since she didn't then harass us." Kay and Dave sample the fare - and get to grips with a funky new service call system - at Kuala Lumpur's Ship Restaurant in Bukit Bintang.

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Strange reflections in mirrored windows on a Kuala Lumpur office block.

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