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The words "Thank you" in several different languages

Making friends and learning languages is difficult for British expats

Living abroad can be difficult, especially for expatriates who need to learn a new language. Over 25% of Britons living overseas have few or no friends other than other British expats, according to a survey from relocation company Robinsons.

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Five questions about weird words – Quick Quiz

Five questions about the origins of words

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British Expat Newsletter: August 2011

This month: Barrels, cats and devils - a quick look at naval slang and some of the surprising ways in which it's affected the English language.

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Flag of Malaysia

Manglish also can?

"If, like me, you are a seasoned expat, you will have heard that unique brand of local English, Manglish, many times. You will probably feel you can understand it, at least most of the time. You may even be cocky enough to use it on occasion." Seasoned expat Gordon Reid looks at why many Malaysians speak English a little, erm, differently from how Britons do...

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"This is about death and sex really... When I heard this week that someone had been astrally harvested, my first reaction was to laugh. Consider others' feelings, by all means, but isn't that one just a little OTT?" Phil wonders why supposed adults are so scared of certain words - and why the word "adult" itself has been misappropriated.

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