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All housework and no play

“I’ve convinced myself that the urge and ability to clean well is a personality thing. In a feeble attempt to soothe my creeping sense of inadequacy, I rationalise that I may not be the world’s best cleaner, but I have other talents and other priorities. Deep down though, I’d like to be one of those people who can keep a tidy house, look glamorous, write a PhD, hold down a decent job and raise numerous perfect and well-behaved children.” Miranda Irving wonders why she can never keep the house tidy.

Going out in style

“‘I wanted my son to have an evening that he’ll never forget – you only have one matric farewell and you can get married several times.’ This sad comment on modern marriage is one of the reasons that some wealthy South African families spend the same kind of money on the end of a child’s school career as they do on weddings.” Mike Kingdom-Hockings takes a look at a South African rite of passage – the Matric Ball.