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Culture Vulture Schmulture – J

Here's "Johnny": Atoz selects a poem as his choice for the letter "J".

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WOMAD 2000

"'World Music' is reckoned to be the fastest growing genre in the music business, with sales booming in the High Street. If this is true then the three-day WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) Festival - now in its 11th year at Reading - has to take some of the credit." David Stockton reviews the 2000 WOMAD.

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Culture Vulture Schmulture – E

Atoz goes for a feel-good choice for "E" - starring Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone and, er, Russell Osman...

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Culture Vulture Schmulture – D

In which Stanley Kubrick and Peter Sellers are d-feated by two blokes from the Catskill Mountains, NY.

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Culture Vulture Schmulture – C

"I have to admit, I've struggled to come up with something for this week. However, ever the soldier, I have consumed vast amounts of alcohol this week (in the interests of creativity, of course), and come up with something tenuously cultural and tenuously "C"-ish." Hmm... Is C for cheating, or at least copping out? Atoz tells us.

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