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Burns Night

Scots the world over celebrate the life of their National Bard, Robert Burns, on 25 January - the anniversary of his birth in 1759.

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Flag of Cuba

Cuba: Liberation Day

Cuba celebrates its Liberation Day on 1 January - the anniversary of the day in 1959 that the Batista regime collapsed, leaving Fidel Castro's revolutionary forces in control of the island.

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Flag of Qatar

Qatar: National Day

Qatar celebrates its National Day on 18 December, the anniversary of the date in 1868 when the British gave its autonomy informal recognition.

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Flag of Kenya

Kenya: Independence Day/Republic Day

Kenya celebrates twice over on 12 December: independence was granted in 1963 and the country became a republic in 1964.

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Flag of Tanzania

Tanzania: Independence Day/Republic Day

Tanzania celebrates Independence Day and Republic Day on 9 December

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