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Flag of Malta (125x125px)

Malta: Independence Day

Malta celebrates Independence Day (Jum l-Indipendenza) on 21 September - the day in 1964 when it was granted independence from the United Kingdom.

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Flag of Indonesia

Indonesia: Independence Day

Indonesian independence was proclaimed on 17 August 1945, after the occupying Japanese forces surrendered to the Allies but before the Netherlands could resume colonial rule.

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Flag of India

India: Independence Day

The longest-standing of India's three national holidays, marking the end of the British Raj.

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Flag of Belgium (125x125px)

Belgium: National Day

Belgium celebrates its nationhood on the anniversary of 21 July 1831, when King Leopold I took an oath of allegiance to the constitution of the new state.

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Flag of France (150x150 px)

France: Bastille Day

Did you know that France's national holiday on 14 July doesn't actually commemorate the storming of the Bastille?

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