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British Expat Newsletter: January 2014

This month: Flying the flag - some of the rules governing the design and display of flags, plus a look at the possible consequences of Scottish independence for the Union Flag.

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British Expat Newsletter: November 2013

This month: Scotland's choice—will the publication of the Scottish Government's long-awaited White Paper enliven a debate that's been rather disappointing so far?

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British Expat Newsletter: October 2013

This month: The value of time—the varying attitudes to time management among different cultures.

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British Expat Newsletter: September 2013

This month: The green, green grass of home? Some of the practical difficulties faced by British expats on return to the United Kingdom.

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British Expat Newsletter: August 2013

This month: Reverse culture shock - what happens when you return to your home country after an extended period of living abroad.

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