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British Expat Newsletter: July 2013

This month: Homesickness - the crippling effect it has on some people's lives, and some of the ways in which expats can try to alleviate it.

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British Expat Newsletter: June 2013

This month: Patently absurd - the story of how patents came into existence, and a look at some of the weirder patents filed by one man, the legendary Arthur Paul Pedrick!

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British Expat Newsletter: May 2013

This month: Open for business? The problems and pleasures that a change in working/business hours can bring.

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British Expat Newsletter: April 2013

This month: Travel and writing - all the way from Marco Polo's mediaeval forays to Cathay through to Iain M. Banks's voyages into the universe of the Culture.

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British Expat Newsletter: March 2013

This month: Compound fracture - the pros and cons of living on a private estate.

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