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British Expat Newsletter: February 2013

This month: Bobby Shaftoe and other histories - the evolution of real-world events into nursery rhymes and folk songs.

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British Expat Newsletter: January 2013

This month: How to make money online (and how not to) - some of the pitfalls of web-based business ventures, plus a safer way of making a living on the Internet.

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British Expat Newsletter: October 2012

This month: Heavenly hotel? The story of the Scots Hotel in Palestine, and the Church of Scotland's dilemma - whether to retain or dispose of it.

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British Expat Newsletter: September 2012

This month: Something cheesy - all about a perennial favourite foodie hankering of homesick British expats!

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British Expat Newsletter: August 2012

This month: Post haste? A cautionary tale about international courier services and how chaotic handling and apathetic customer service tarnishes the image of professionalism and efficiency their advertising conveys.

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