Five questions about Oman – Quick Quiz

Flag of the Sultanate of OmanPositioned strategically at the mouth of the Gulf and looking out over the Arabian Sea, Oman has a regional reputation for social and religious tolerance and for stability, and is a popular destination for Western expats. How much do you know about the country? Take our Quick Quiz and find out. If you don’t know all the answers you might learn something interesting!

  1. Who is the current ruler of the country?
  2. For approximately two decades in the mid-nineteenth century the capital of the Sultanate wasn’t in Oman, or even in Arabia, but on an African island. Which?
  3. In which decade was slavery outlawed in Oman? For a bonus point, can you name the actual year?
  4. Given the severe restrictions on expressing political views, messages criticising the regime are sometimes “published” unconventionally by the use of which animal?
  5. Who or what is a khanjar?

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