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Culture Vulture Schmulture – S

Atoz goes crazy ape bonkers and lists no fewer than 50 cultural icons beginning with the letter S. If you can't find at least one of these in your music/book/video collection, there's something wrong.

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Culture Vulture Schmulture – R

"Hitchcock's finest (and most misanthropic) film was made in 1954 and starring Grace Kelly and Raymond Burr (eventually to play a wheelchair-bound Perry Mason) alongside God (James Stewart to the rest of you). If you haven't seen it, go and never darken my website again, you are indeed not worthy." Atoz (aka David Stock) gives a Hitchcock film the nod over Raging Bull, Rat Pack Confidential and The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

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Culture Vulture Schmulture – J

Here's "Johnny": Atoz selects a poem as his choice for the letter "J".

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