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Worthing winners

"When we were forced to return to the UK in May 2005 but had nowhere to move into, we decided to spend the first couple of weeks in Worthing. We enjoyed it so much that, once we finally did get our house back, we went back down for a couple of nights when we were fed up of redecorating." Dave on where to eat, drink and sleep in Worthing.

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The skyline of Valletta, Malta's capital

Where to eat on Malta

"We'd booked a self-catering holiday with no idea of what food supplies were readily available on the island, what cooking facilities were likely to be available or what the local hostelries would be like - in short, we were going into the week blind." Nevertheless, you can spend a week on Malta and not starve. Dave tells all...

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Sheraton Dinner Buffet – Penang

"On the face of it, the choice looked good enough for us to decide to eat there. On closer inspection, there were so many things worryingly wrong that I even took the time to write a whole page of faults and subsequently discuss them with the duty manager." Kay and Dave have a dining experience they'd rather forget.

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Flag of Malaysia

Sushi King – Penang

"The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the food is tasty. It's not as good as some other Japanese fast food chains, though. Salmon appeared to be brought in ready-cut in plastic packets. It was still nice but it lacked the freshness we've come to expect elsewhere." Kay and Dave review the branch of Sushi King at Georgetown's Prangin Mall.

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Flag of India

Eating out in Delhi

Reviews of some of the hotel restaurants, free-standing restaurants and bar eateries dotted around Delhi.

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