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Cutting edge technology

(or: Clarkie Goes Soft) For a change, I’m not going to bore you with words. Well, perhaps just a few. Irrespective of hemisphere, you can clone your favourite plant with softwood cuttings. I say irrespective of hemisphere, because although I am conditioned to taking softwood cuttings from June to August, the name of the month […]

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Currant Affairs

Contrary to the myth promulgated by our southern gardening friends, who seem to dominate both TV and the gardening magazines, it is not too late to take hardwood cuttings. Indeed, I have been successful until at least the end of April, and I’d even go right out on a limb and say it’s worth trying […]

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Holly comes out at Christmas!

The problem we have determining the sexes of our hollies goes way beyond the genus Ilex. (cf Holly Aird; Holly Johnson.) I can legitimately use sex as an introduction to the holly. If you think it’s just a headline-grabber, read on and I will justify. So many people come to me with the question, “Why […]

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Smell the honey

"What can be more alluring than the scent of honeysuckle wafting round your garden after a summer shower? A drop of rain always seems to make the scent more pronounced. Not reason enough in itself to wish for rain, of course - we had plenty of that last year." Thought it was too early to think about the northern summer? No chance! Mike lets us in on an easy way to get the garden looking (and smelling) its best...

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