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A farrier shoeing a horse

An old craft

“This South African farrier used to travel most of the year – including up into Botswana, where I photographed him with my trusty old AE-1.”

van Rhyn's Pass, South Africa

van Rhyn’s Pass, South Africa

“South Africa has some superb wilderness that matches US parks – without the crowds. That’s why we hire a pickup and take dirt roads some of the time (although van Rhyn’s Pass is actually on one of the three tarred main roads going vaguely north/south).”

Going out in style

“‘I wanted my son to have an evening that he’ll never forget – you only have one matric farewell and you can get married several times.’ This sad comment on modern marriage is one of the reasons that some wealthy South African families spend the same kind of money on the end of a child’s school career as they do on weddings.” Mike Kingdom-Hockings takes a look at a South African rite of passage – the Matric Ball.

South Africa Freedom Day Concert

“Many words have already been committed to print on Mr Mandela’s speech: he spoke at length, thanking all present both here and at Clapham Common in 1986 and reiterating many times the importance of global ‘brotherhood’. Reports of his demise and his lacking as a public speaker are greatly exaggerated.” Atoz (aka David Stock) reviews the South Africa Freedom Day Concert held in Trafalgar Square in April 2001.