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Financial spreadsheets with a pen, calculator and spectacles

Owning a UK company as an expat

Are you a British expat who owns a UK-based company? Here's some guidance about the taxes you may encounter.

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Guilty until proved innocent?

The Treasury plan to shift the burden of proof in tax evasion cases onto those with undeclared offshore assets. But are they being too heavy-handed? And will HMRC be able to cope with the extra workload?

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Screenshot of HM Revenue & Customs webpage for pensioners

Taxman squeezes wealthy expats’ pensions out of UK into QROPS

Fiscal year 2014/15 will see a drop in the pension tax-free lifetime allowance limit from £1.5m to £1.25m. Wealthy expats are already rushing to investigate QROPS as a result. Is this extra tax squeeze justified, or a pointless and fruitless exercise?

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Dying can be an expensive business

Matthew Green, Managing Partner of Greenwood Private Wealth Management Ltd, explains why living abroad does not necessarily spare you from paying the UK's hefty inheritance taxes.

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QROPS – a Beginner’s Guide

Confused by QROPS? Here's an explanation of what the Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme is all about, courtesy of

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