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Viator – tours, tickets and things to do worldwide!

While you’re overseas, why not take a bit of time out for a tour or excursion? Viator offer tours, tickets and things to do from tour operators worldwide in many popular destinations. Why not plan your schedule in advice with Viator, spare yourself nasty surprises over the cost and keep your holiday hassle-free?

Brits behaving badly…

With the publication of the FCO’s third annual “British Behaviour Abroad” report, the UK media are full of stories about Brits misbehaving overseas. Are we really all as bad as the press would have us believe?

An Indian Railways official with a brightly coloured Rajasthani head-dress stands by the Fairy Queen steam locomotive

Transport of delight

A spick-and-span uniformed Indian Railways official, wearing a brightly coloured Rajasthani head-dress, stands in front of the Fairy Queen steam locomotive at a station.