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Coastal Renaissance

The "Coastal Renaissance", the world's largest double-ended ferry, which plies the Vancouver-Nanaimo route.

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An elderly tram at the top of a hill in Lisbon

Top of the hill

Pic of the Week – 30 April 2007 by Manuel Silva © 2004 All images are digitally watermarked – please don’t infringe copyright! A tram stands at the top of a hill in Lisbon, apparently going nowhere but down. (If you look at the lines you’ll see they end abruptly just uphill of where the […]

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Why you should be glad you don’t live in Britain

"OK, so you can't buy Baked Beans the way you like them and Marmite's a no-no. OK, so export Guinness is a treacly mess. OK, so you get The Times three days late. I know living abroad isn't all hay and sunshine, but it has one major advantage - you are all about as far away from British Bus Stops as I would wish to be." Dave Stock indulges in a rant at one of his pet peeves...

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