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Housesitting – a great travel opportunity for both sides is the world's largest housesitting website. Find out how you can take advantage of a great win-win as a home owner or a housesitter.

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British Expat Newsletter: April 2013

This month: Travel and writing - all the way from Marco Polo's mediaeval forays to Cathay through to Iain M. Banks's voyages into the universe of the Culture.

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Silly sockets

A rather fanciful and far-fetched article on the BBC website gets Dave wondering whatever's happened to their quality control.

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Blue Mosque in Istanbul

We’re all Asians really

From his vantage point in Turkey, Jack Scott ponders the perennial question of where Asia ends and Europe begins!

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British Expat Newsletter: October 2011

This month: Taxi! A look at licensed cabs around the world, their drivers, and some of the stuff they get up to.

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