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Flag of Thailand

Bangkok Basics

"Bangkok is deservedly a popular destination these days. I find that I'm often asked for advice from those who plan to go for the first time. They want to know if they'll need to take baht (the Thai currency), if they'll need to book an hotel before they go, and various other such questions. This page is intended to help those who have never been there before to learn a little of the ropes and to get them through day one without any hassles." The Ed writes a basic survival guide for newcomers to Bangkok.

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Flights and your rights

If you’ve ever been bumped off a flight, been kept hanging round an airport waiting for a delayed flight, been downgraded or lost your luggage, you’ll know how frustrating and annoying it can be. And then to cap it all, trying to get compensation or to get looked after properly by the airline can be […]

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In The Pink

Men's luxury shirt makers Thomas Pink now offer a traveller range too

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Win a free night at any Hyatt hotel!

Comment on A Luxury Travel Blog and win a free night at any Hyatt worldwide!

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Banish bacteria from your kitchen!

You don't have to suffer from food poisoning, no matter where you are in the world

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