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Two horses grazing by a lonely farmhouse in northern Georgia, USA

My new home?

Pic of the Week – 16 January 2006 by Alan Hearnshaw © 2005 All images are digitally watermarked – please don’t infringe copyright! Alan adds: “For the second weekend running, I’ve been up to the North Georgia mountains looking for a house to buy. “I’ve been struggling for years here in Savannah to find any […]

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A Thanksgiving display (scarecrow, flowers and a pumpkin) outside a church in Springfield, Georgia, USA

Thanksgiving display

Pic of the Week – 5 December 2005

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Location USA, Location USA, Location USA

Planning to move Stateside? Here's some info you'll be wanting to read before making your move!

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The Journey Continues… Mexicali to San Diego

When we left the train [see Part 1], after three days in Mexicali we needed to find the bus station to get the bus to Tijuana. This done, we settled into the night-time run along the Mexican/USA border road. The bus was the typical Mexican bus, with an interesting notice above each window seat requesting […]

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A church near Savannah in Georgia, USA

Goshen Road Church

"This is a pretty little church in the town where I actually live. It's easier to say I live in Savannah, but Rincon is a small town about 25 miles outside of Savannah. This church lies in the central reservation of the main road that runs through town."

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