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Tattie Trials

Forgive me for writing with my mouth full, but I just can’t stop eating the very first of my parsley-buttered White Duke of Yorks. I have…

One day, I will be the organ grinder – Part Two

“the Organic Gardening Catalogue offers a mouth-watering range of organic seed. Within this stock list lurk many old and almost forgotten varieties of vegetables, with their traditional disease resistance and flavour. Yes, all those good, tasty veggies your granny used to grow, but which are out of favour today because they are not uniform and pleasing to the undiscerning eye, and do not conform to the rigid standards of the supermarkets.” Mike Clark makes a persuasive case for organic gardening.

No flies on my carrot – Part Two

“In summary, the long ones are fine if your soil is ideal. Otherwise stick to the stump rooted varieties.” Mike wraps up his two-part look at how to grow your own carrots with an overview of the varieties, how to look after them while they’re growing, and how to store them.

No flies on my carrot – Part One

“Since all the gardening programmes on the telly tell you to do things way in advance of the optimum time, ‘cos each wants to be first; and the Garden Centres stock plants well ahead of season for the same reason, to steal a march (March!) on their rivals; why should I be any different?” Mike goes back to his roots with an exposé of how to grow champion-standard carrots.

How to grow chips – Part Two

“Potatoes fall into three categories as regards cropping. Early, Second Early, and Maincrop. If you want to be self sufficient, you probably want to grow all three. But for most purposes, Second Earlies can be ignored. And in a small garden, Maincrop potatoes occupy a disproportionate amount of space for a very long season. So most gardeners settle for a few Early ones. Does this begin to sound easier?” Mike Clark on which spuds to grow, when, and how!