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Snow, beautiful snow!

“By the afternoon, some of our workers were straggling in and one by one, those of us who had been there for over 30 hours working, started to go home. We made our way through four feet or more of snow to the employees’ parking lot, only to discover… my car was gone! Disappeared under almost nine feet of snow! What to do?!” Many Canadians love snow but it can cause a few problems too, as Nora relates…

Why you should be glad you don’t live in Britain

“OK, so you can’t buy Baked Beans the way you like them and Marmite’s a no-no. OK, so export Guinness is a treacly mess. OK, so you get The Times three days late. I know living abroad isn’t all hay and sunshine, but it has one major advantage – you are all about as far away from British Bus Stops as I would wish to be.” Dave Stock indulges in a rant at one of his pet peeves…

Take me home, country rhodies

“I know rhododendrons are only the tip of the iceberg at Inverewe. But I have seen some wonderful gardens in my time – and if anything out there compares with Inverewe at rhododendron time, I have yet to find it.” Would you believe that Britain’s best rhododendron garden is to be found further north than Inverness?