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Best Man Speeches

[old BE link plus aff links etc] Following on from our new series about weddings around the world (see the latest here: A Portuguese Wedding) we thought it would be fun to look at a topic which puts fear into many a man’s heart – writing a best man’s speech. The best man is one […]

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Ten top tips for a simple wedding: California style

How difficult could it be? All we wanted was a simple, intimate wedding in the US for thirty or so people and yet it proved a challenging task. Admittedly, we did decide to get married leaving ourselves only one month to make all the arrangements, which included flying various family members across the Atlantic from […]

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Weddings in Portugal

[Editor’s note: in our latest opt-in email newsletter, we asked people to comment on weddings around the world. We received the contribution below from Jayne.] My initial reaction to (Portuguese) weddings is: “Please, please, don’t invite me, please!” Obviously I don’t actually say that, but it’s what I think when someone tells me they’re getting […]

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British Expat Newsletter:
7 September 2005

This week: Weddings - what with arranged marriages, extravagant wedding receptions, and forced marriages, they're not always straightforward affairs.

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