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A Choice of French Property

"With France being the largest country in western Europe, there is a huge choice of locations. Where you would like to live depends upon many different issues, such as whether you like a place with many neighbours or you prefer a more isolated area, or whether you prefer to have an apartment or a detached home on its own land..." David Seymour looks at some of the factors influencing your choice of property in France.

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Living in France

"Many people who relocate to France want to trade in a life of drudgery in the grim, cold and frantic North for a relaxed and easy-going sunny French lifestyle. It is a surprise for many to find that it is possible to live a good life in France for much less than it would cost you in the UK." David Seymour explains some of the attractions of living in France.

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Moving to… France – utilities and motoring

The basics of dealing with utilities and running a car in France - by Tony Spencer.

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Flag of France (150x150 px)

Moving to… France – the basics

The basics of living in France: the paperwork needed to live there legally, finding somewhere to live, and financial and health matters - by Tony Spencer.

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Christmas around the world – France

"Several shops and small businesses, as well as a few private houses, sport half-sized Santa Claus figures shinning up ropes fixed to the gutters. Next year I'll get one myself, but I also need a stuffed wolf to put at the bottom of the rope to make it more exciting." Mike Kingdom-Hockings tells of his Joyeux Noël in France.

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