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The Essential Guide to hiring a car in Spain

These are a few things you should know before you hire a car in Spain: What’s included in the price and what ISN’T You can come across some amazing-looking prices but when you look at the detail you find that they don’t include unlimited mileage, local taxes or insurances. You may not be doing much […]

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Estoy cambiando en un nómada (part two)

(“I’m turning into a nomad”) Part Two by Bob Fretwell (ex El Burgo, ex Fuente de Piedra, ex La Roda de Andalucia) (previously ex-Warrington, Swadlincote, USA, Mexico, Paraguay and a few others) Six months of builders overhead and in the street, a smoking chimney, two perpetually barking dogs next door, and the imminent prospect of […]

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Estoy cambiando en un nómada (Part One)

"Our neighbours on one side owned the upstairs of the house next door and the ground floor of the house on the other side of us. Their plan (though we didn't realise that then) was to join their properties together by building over us. It took more than six months." Bob and Julie Fretwell are driven to distraction - and to move - by builders, dogs, smoking chimneys and yet more builders...

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“How to avoid…” in Spain

The Off-Plan Market How to avoid…getting ripped off in making an off-plan purchase You’ll have seen the wonderful images at the Property Show in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow or Dublin and you’ll have been very drawn to the idea of getting in early on the ground floor of this fabulous new development on the Spanish costas. […]

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Relocation, Relocation, Relocation – Sun, Sea and Risk

Spain, and the Costa del Sol in particular, has been a favourite destination for legitimate and some not so legitimate UK nationals for many years. The last five years have seen a property explosion on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca with new construction projects appearing just about everywhere, leading to ever-increasing market prices […]

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