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Category: Spain

Shopping in Spain

"In El Burgo, Julie needed a hairdresser shortly after moving there...we couldn't see one. A quick word with the local bar owner revealed there were seven! None of them had an outside sign as 'if you don't have a sign, you don't need a licence' - and didn't pay local business tax." Bob Fretwell discovers that shopping in the average Spanish village is still a very personal experience...

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How to learn Spanish quickly and easily

Spanish is a very useful language to learn as it is the world’s second most widely-spoken language. Outside of the popular coastal tourist resorts a basic knowledge of Spanish is invaluable. Even in the tourist resorts you will find the Spanish will not go out of their way to speak English to you. If you […]

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Don’t stay in a hotel – rent a villa!

"Renting a villa is a brilliant alternative to staying in a hotel, especially if there are a few of you. There are many plus-points to consider." Mark Eastwood of Costa Blanca looks at the benefits of choosing a villa rather than a hotel as a temporary base in Spain.

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Feria at Sierra de Yeguas

"It is different from the usual fiesta arrangements we have suffered (sorry, enjoyed) as they have yet another 'tradition'... that of the water fight! No respect is given to dress, age, sex or infirmity. EVERY person gets wet (and I mean WET!)." Bob Fretwell throws himself into the celebrations at his new home town's annual fiesta.

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What made me up sticks?

What made me uproot my young family, say goodbye to friends, close my business and move to Spain? At least once a day I wonder how I and my young family ended up here. Life has changed completely. At times it feels frightening, and I wonder if our move was too impulsive, mad and stupid. […]

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